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Barnyard Millet Crispy Masala and Flax Seed Palm Sugar Pops pack of 55g x 4 nos

Barnyard Millet Crispy Masala and Flax Seed Palm Sugar Pops pack of 55g x 4 nos

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S.N Particular Details
01 Brand Name e-Millet
02 Form Fresh
03 Quantity 55g x 4 nos = 220g 
04 Product SKU Code eM369
05 Product Category Crispy
06 Package type Packet (BOPP)
07 Expiry (shelf Life) 3 Months from the date of Manufacture
08 Ingredient Type 100% Vegetarian
09 Product Type 100% Healthy foods
10 Usage Instruction Ready to Eat
11 Suitable Age Group From 12 Months Baby
12 Allergy Warning(If Any)      These foods have been made in a facility that also processes nuts & wheat flour
13 Storage in Store in a cool, Dry place away from strong odours
14 List Of Ingredients Millet Meal, Corn Meal, Gram dhal Meal, Onion powder, Garlic Powder,
chilly Powder, Spices, Black salt, edible vegetable oil
15 Regional Speciality South Indian
16 Origin Of Products TAMILNADU
17 Manufactured By Moon Foods
18 FSSAI No 1242001 4000869

Range of e-Millet Crispy Varieties

S.N Range of e-Millet Crispy Varieties

Foxtail Millet  Sweet Pops - Coconut Buds


Barnyard Millet Crispy Masala and Flax Seed Palm Sugar Pops 


Little Millet Crispy - Cheese Mint


Sorghum Millet Crispy - Tamarind Sweet



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Special Features of e-Millet Products
S.No. Parameters e-Millet
01 Maida / Refined wheat flour No added
02 Gluten No added
03 Egg No added
04 Mono Sodium Glutamate -MSG No added
05 Oil Fry Not Oil fried
06 Ammonia No added
07 Baking Soda No added
08 Synthetic Chemicals No added
09 Preservatives No added
10 Artificial Flavour No added
11 Artificial Colour No added
12 Method of Baking Tunnel dryer
13 Foerign Material Free from Foerign Material


S.N Approx Values For 100 g of the products
01 Energy   442.50 K.cal
02 Protein     6.45 g
03 Carbohyderate     79.30 g
04 Dietary Fibre       4.95 g
06   Sodium   27.32 mg
07   Calcium     13.64 mg
08 TOTAL FAT       17.72 g
09   Trans Fat       0.00 g

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