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WE ARE , The promoters Dr. P. Sathiya Moorthi has completed Doctorate in Food Technology, having knowledge in developing innovative value added food products and several years experience in food Industries and Mr. P. Ravikumar completed Masters in Microbiology with adequate experience in Manufacturing and Marketing of various value added Food products.

We initiated our business plan and product development in the year of 2003 in our bachelor room kitchen. We have done a lot of exercise towards the development of fresh, nutritious Millet Cookies, Millet Snacks, Millet Noodles, Millet Chikkies, Millet Rusk and value added fruit and vegetable food products for the period of six years. We invested our part time earning for the health product development.

We have started their first venture “VINZI SPERRI” and in the Brand name of “eMillet” on 2009 at Coimbatore with the investment of Rs.3,60000. We joined as an Incubatee of Post Harvest Technology Centre, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore for our production of food products. In this company, we produced various types of value added fruit and vegetable products like Ready To Serve (RTS) fruit drink and fruit squashes with the prime focus to avoid artificial color and flavours.

Initially, we crossed many struggles to run the firm and market the products in the competitive world. Our first year turnover was just 2.25 lakhs with two employers with own marketing. But, now we are having three more companies with the turnover of 5 to 6 crores. Also having 75 direct employers, 500-600 number of marketing agencies in All India for our health products.

In the year of 2010, we developed a hand-made millet cookies in a small oven based on the request of a School in Madurai. In the connection of school order, we also got the orders from neighbours and shops. The promotion of millet cookies was done by us without any marketing agencies prolong a period. After that, we started a concern for the millet cookies in the name of “Moon Foods” for the manufacturing of various types of millet cookies. Currently, we are manufacturing 45 tons of millet cookies per month by their own market network. These cookies are made without adding maida, baking powder, artificial colour, artificial flavours and preservatives.

In the year of 2013 we have started the second venture “Dr.YES AAR TEAM” for manufacturing of healthy Millet snacks. This concern is structured by our life partners Mrs. Soundharya Ravi Kumar (Masters in Biotechnology) Mrs. Priyadharshini Sathiya moorthi (Masters in Business Administration), and they are producing more than 100 varieties of Traditional healthy snacks.

“INDIAN AGRO EXPORTS” is emerged on 2017 for Domestic and Export market of our value added Indian Traditional food products. These snacks and other food products will replace the Junk foods and providing a healthy life for a wealthy life. We have established a good market in India, Andaman, Singapore, Malaysia and also Soudi Arabia.

We realize our responsibility to continue delivering nutritious and nourishing healthful products and it is our mission to be a healthy life for a wealthy life, any time of the day.


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Managing Director


Our Team emerged with a prime focus to offer health care Traditional food products by utilizing Indian agro produces especially with Millets. Articulated processing techniques based on environmental perspective which provides a leading edge to our concern to emerged as a promising organization addressing current global needs of protecting the environment and create the awareness in a humble way and be the change for the noble cause.


Our organization structured with an environmental perspective comprising of qualified professionals like Doctorate in Food Technology, Masters in Applied Microbiology, Biotechnology and Business Management. Team is well poised with adequate experience having sound technical as well as marketing knowledge which includes developing innovative products, formulations, domestic and international markets. Our main objective of the company is to provide a natural food to our society and giving the direct benefit to the farming commodity. Organizational Description


Most of the Millets can blend very easily with common staple foods without any pronounced off flavors. They have mighty potential to be included in traditional and novel foods. The non-availability of ready to use processed Millet has limited the usage and acceptability, despite their nutritional superiority. There is a need to provide Millet based food products in the form ready to eat format. Incorporation of Millets in cookies are widely accepted and having huge demands in the market. In addition, value addition to minor Millets not only offers variety, convenience and quality food to consumers, but also helps in revival of Millet cultivation.


The main focus of the company is to provide hygienically processed health drinks, Millet based healthy Cookies, snack foods and its allied products for all age groups to the society. In this project, we can reduce the malnourishment, utilizing minor Millets and providing employment.